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The China Advertising Association (CAA) is a national industry organization that represents China's robust advertising and media sector, including, advertisers, advertising operators, publishers and endorsers. The CAA is a full-coverage association and comprises over 3,000 members in the advertising industry in China.

CIAF World Excellent Advertising Works Exhibition hall


The primary objectives of the China Advertising Association are to act as a representative body for the advertising industry in China and to foster positive relationships and knowledge-sharing opportunities among its members and foreign advertising entities. The association further supports these objectives by organizing and sponsoring the esteemed China Advertising Festival. 

CIAF hall preparation for the upcoming China International Advertising Festival

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At the national level, the CAA is closely affiliated with many departments and associations across China, representing the largest representative and regulatory body of China's immense advertising and media sector.

At the international level, the CAA is also a member of the International Advertising Association (IAA), and the World Out of Home Association (WOO), while also acting as the representative of the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity (Cannes Lions) in China.

Similarly, the CAA also maintains a broad network of organisations and events, including the World Federation of Advertisers (WFA) Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), International Council for Ad Self-Regulation (ICAS), MAD STARS and Spikes Asia.

In addition to its affiliations with industry and government organizations, the CAA also has many partnerships with academic institutions and research organizations.

These partnerships aim to promote research and development in the advertising industry and to provide education and training for advertising professionals. The CAA has established partnerships with institutions such as the Communication University of China, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, and China Academy of Art.


Over the years, the CAA has achieved several notable accomplishments. One of its most significant achievements has been the establishment of a self-regulatory system for the advertising industry. The CAA has created a comprehensive set of advertising standards and regulations, which are enforced by its member organizations. This has helped to promote fair competition and protect consumers from false advertising. 

Another key accomplishment of the CAA has been its efforts to promote international cooperation and exchange in the advertising industry. The association has established partnerships with several international advertising organizations and has organized numerous international conferences and events. This has helped to raise the profile of China's advertising industry on the global stage and has facilitated the exchange of ideas and best practices. 

In addition to these achievements, the CAA has also played a key role in promoting the development of digital advertising in China. The association has organized several digital marketing conferences and has established a digital marketing committee to provide guidance and support to its members. 

China International Advertising Festival exhibition

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