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Xiamen, China, host city for the China International Advertising Festival 2023

Xiamen - the Cannes of China

Xiamen, also known as Amoy, is a beautiful coastal city located in southeastern China. Known as "the Garden on the Sea," Xiamen is a popular tourist destination due to its beautiful natural scenery, historical landmarks, and rich cultural heritage.



Gulangyu Island

One of Xiamen's most famous attractions, Gulangyu Island is a car-free island known for its charming European-style architecture, beautiful beaches, and lush gardens. The island is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is home to numerous museums, art galleries, and historic buildings.

Nanputuo Temple

Located at the foot of Wulao Peak, Nanputuo Temple is a Buddhist temple that dates back to the Tang Dynasty. The temple is renowned for its beautiful architecture, stunning scenery, and sacred relics.


Hulishan Fortress

Built in the late 19th century, the Hulishan Fortress is a well-preserved coastal defense fortification that features a range of historical artifacts, including cannons, barracks, and observation posts.

Zhongshan Road

Xiamen's main shopping district, Zhongshan Road is a bustling pedestrian street that is lined with a wide range of shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues.


Travel Information

1. Getting there

Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport is the primary airport in Xiamen and is located about 15 kilometers from the city center. Visitors can also take a high-speed train to Xiamen Railway Station, which is well-connected to other major cities in China.

2. Transportation

Xiamen has a convenient public transportation system that includes buses, taxis, and a subway. Visitors can also rent bicycles or electric scooters to explore the city at their own pace.

3. Weather

Xiamen has a subtropical climate with mild temperatures year-round. The best time to visit is between March and May when the weather is warm and sunny.

4. Language

Mandarin Chinese is the official language in Xiamen, but many people speak English, especially in tourist areas.

Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center


No.198, Huizhan Road, Xiamen City, Fujian Province

map exhibition centre.png
Xiamen, China accommodations

Accommodation Options


The Intercontinental Xiamen is a five-star hotel located on the coastline of Xiamen. The hotel features luxurious rooms and suites, multiple dining options, and a range of recreational facilities, including an outdoor pool and a spa.


The Riyuegu Hotsprings Resort is a four-star hotel located in the scenic Jimei District. The hotel features comfortable rooms and suites, a hot spring spa, and a variety of dining options.


The Orange Hotel Select Xiamen Zhongshan Road Pedestrian Street is a three-star hotel located in the heart of Xiamen's shopping district. The hotel features clean and comfortable rooms, a 24-hour front desk, and easy access to public transportation.

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