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Building a Strong Future by Awarding Excellence and Innovation

Receiving over 10,000 entries each year, the 30th CIAF Great Wall Award and Yellow River Award, were officially launched on May 20, advocating industrial excellence and innovation in the advertising, promotion and media sectors.

Among them, the Great Wall Award focuses on the field of commercial advertising, showcasing outstanding achievements in creativity, production, and promotion. Similarly, the Yellow River Award encourages outstanding public service advertising works that promote public welfare creativity and social development.


These two awards promote the development of both the Chinese and international advertising industry and bring together top-notch and outstanding industry elites to inspire the industry with innovation and enterprising spirit from various perspectives.

With the rapid development of the advertising industry over the past year, the 2023 Great Wall Award has updated its key criteria and judging metrics.

To meet market demands and stimulate industry innovation and development, the post-reform Great Wall Award has expanded from the original 5 categories to 6 categories, with a total of 53 sub-categories, more comprehensively reflecting the development and achievements of various fields and levels of the advertising industry. Among them, the highly anticipated AIGC Marketing Cases this year will be included in the "Digital Technology Marketing" category along with metaverse, NFT, AR, and other aspects, bringing together more outstanding marketing achievements driven by technology.

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Establishing Chinese Standards, Spreading the Voice of China

Highlighting Chinese characteristics and cultural features in marketing activities is the cornerstone of the development of the Chinese advertising industry. Therefore, the Great Wall Award has further optimized the evaluation criteria, emphasizing the innovation, inspiration, effectiveness, and scientific nature of the works, while also considering their overall performance in terms of cultural and social aspects. This will better guide the development direction of the Chinese advertising industry

Recruiting Elite, Rising Stars in the Advertising Industry

As an authoritative award in the Chinese advertising industry, the Great Wall Award has always adhered to the principles of "authority, professionalism, fairness, and objectivity" and has been strict in the composition and selection of judges. The Great Wall Award judges are generally composed of representatives from well-known enterprises, advertising agencies, media platforms, academic institutions, and industry organizations. The judges' regions, industries, and professional backgrounds are widely covered to ensure comprehensive and fair selection.


Through open solicitation, recommendation, and invitation, the Great Wall Award recruits professionals with relevant expertise to serve as preliminary judges and final judges. All judges need to go through multiple layers of review and selection to ensure their high level of professionalism and impartiality. In addition, judges are required to sign confidentiality agreements and ethical standards to maintain the independence and fairness of the selection process.

This year, the Great Wall Award will further enrich and optimize its expert database, attracting more industry experts, scholars, and marketing elites to promote the healthy development of the awards.

These adjustments not only meet the current needs of the advertising industry but also better stimulate industry innovation and competitiveness, promote the further high-quality and high-standard development of the advertising industry, and provide participants with more opportunities to showcase their professional level.


Forging ahead with innovation, the Great Wall Award will continue to provide a stage for the industry, explore more influential and valuable advertising works, promote the Chinese advertising industry to reach new heights, inspire the industry to achieve more innovative results, and promote Chinese advertising to the world!

Previous Winners


1. Ogilvy & Mather

Ogilvy & Mather: One of the most successful advertising agencies in the world, Ogilvy & Mather has won numerous awards at the CIAF over the years. In 2017, the agency won a Grand Prix award for its "Breast Cancer Awareness" campaign for Shanghai General Motors. 


Another global advertising agency, BBDO has also won multiple awards at the CIAF. In 2018, the agency won a Gold award for its "Milk Tea Alliance" campaign for PepsiCo. 


Known for its innovative and creative campaigns, Wieden+Kennedy has won multiple awards at the CIAF, including a Gold award in 2019 for its "Ride Your Dream" campaign for Nike. 

Saatchi & Saatchi

​This international advertising agency has won several awards at the CIAF, including a Gold award in 2016 for its "The World Is Your Playground" campaign for Toyota. 

McCann Worldgroup

Another leading advertising agency, McCann Worldgroup has won multiple awards at the CIAF, including a Gold award in 2017 for its "Breast Cancer Awareness" campaign for Shanghai General Motors. 


​This global beverage company has won several awards at the CIAF, including a Gold award in 2018 for its "Taste the Feeling" campaign. 

Publicis Groupe

This international advertising and communications company has won multiple awards at the CIAF, including a Gold award in 2019 for its "Three Squirrels" campaign for Three Squirrels Inc. 

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